AntiFungal Webserver

A simple but useful Webserver for antifungal peptide prediction&discovery&design.

Overview of Anti-fungal Database

The Database contains over 5,000 anti-fungal peptides and over 2, 000 records of antifungal activity against C. albicans, C. parapsilosis, C. neoformans abd C. krusei.


Fig 1. Distribution of length (a) pMIC (b) and projection into the first two principal component space (c) of anti-fugnal peptides against C. albicans. (d)~(f), (g)~(i) and (j)~(i) are results for C. parapsilosis, C. neoformans abd C. krusei, respectively. The grey point in subgraph (c), (f), (i) and (l) are intended as a reference to indicate the space into which anti-fungal peptides with activity against certain target span.